This blog is about a woman in her thirties, her husband and their two children who occasionally come along for a plane ride or two ten.

I can’t complain, we have seen a neat number of places across Planet Earth and we travel quite often in comparison to your average Joe. But since we, like most people, have not been relieved from the necessity of earning our bread & butter by being someone else’s employees, we’re limited by our vacation schedules and cannot go places as fast as we wanted to.

Ideally, we would like to visit all countries that found their way on the United Nations members list ( With the current speed, it adds up to another 30-40 years of travelling without ever repeating a destination. So far, we are about 20% down that list, which can be ‘a little’ or ‘a lot’ depending on your point of view.

Lately I started realizing that memories of earlier trips gradually give ways to mounting impressions from newer trips. Which is sad in a way… and the main reason why I decided to start globexpress. It is a blog that I hope will help me put our journeys in a jar and preserve our experiences as vivid as if they happened yesterday. This is where my other passion will come handy – travel photography.

My manner of taking photos is documentary rather than artistic. I don’t normally dedicate hours to capture the sunset, use a tripod each time I walk around nature or climb up mountains just so I can get a non-traditional view of the sunrise. Ideally, I would do just that, but we usually travel with a child in toll, and the limitations that come with it prevent me from being a true landscape photographer.

I try to capture what surrounds me the way I see it without significant use (if any) of image adjustment software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. This is not so much a result of some puristic beliefs that I have, but rather a desire to keep the photograph as close to reallity as possible. The pictures I take serve as memory joggers and any substantial alteration would have been equivalent to modifying what I remember of the place.

Perhaps this is a convenient moment to say that all images (and text!) on this blog are copyrighted and are not free for use unless I have given my explicit written permission. Your understanding is greatly appreciated :).

globexpress aims to go beyond the trip down memory lane and include some useful information for those of you who plan to visit the same parts of the world on their own. I spend considerable amount of time researching each destination and I heavily rely on other people’s reviews when selecting where to go. I am an active Tripadvisor member and I strive to give some of this knowledge back… I will continue to do so in this blog as well.

If any of the above paragraphs happen to intrigue you, then please feel welcome to frequent my blog as often as you’d like, I will try to be diligent about posting regularly.


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