Seoul: Ramada Hotel and Suites – Namdaemun

5 out of 5 stars

The Ramada Suites in Namdaemun is situated perfectly for Seoul’s first time visitor whose main goal is sightseeing in the area. Every place of interest – cultural, shopping or entertainment is within a 10-15-30 min walk of the hotel, really it’s biggest advantage over the business hotels located in the Gangnam or other areas of Seoul.
It is very easy to get to/from Incheon airport, as the KAL limosine bus stops right outside the lobby. It comes and goes every 30 mins or so, and the trip to the airport takes 50-70mins depending on the time of the day. Tickets cost 15K Won and can be purchased from the reception. Not sure how transportation works from Gimpo airport (Domestic airport), we took a cab for 35K Won, about a 30 min drive.

The hotel itself is your standard Ramada in Asia (the Ramada’s in the US are more in the 2-3 star vicinity, whereas the ones in Asia are more in the 4 star range); the room is fairly large with plenty of floor space to move around even after we brought in all of our luggage. The bathroom seems to have been rennovated fairly recently; had one of the fancy gizmo toilets, as well as an updated shower, sink and faucets.

The room had some sort of a balcony, but don’t make the mistake of leaving the door open, unless you enjoy the intrusive company of some very hungry mosquitos.
Front desk were very nice, check in was fast; English was good enough for whatever little interaction we had.

Our rate was about $125 per night which is ok for Seoul; rate did not include breakfast.

My few gripes were the lack of free internet, and the lack of any wi-fi in the room. We were told it costed about 19K Won ($19) per 24hrs or 110 Won per minute. However, I plugged in the LAN cable and internet was available immediately, no log in/log off process which begged the question of how they account for billable usage. When I checked out, I didn’t get billed for anything, so as far as I was concerned, internet ended being free for me, therefore this did not take away any stars from my rating.Another small complain I had was how slow the elevators were. It can literally take up to 5 mins of wait time just to get in.


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