Jeju, South Korea: The Suites Hotel

5 out of 5 stars

This hotel is a perfect base for exploring Jeju if you intend to rent a car. If you don’t, then you are better off staying somewhere around the Jeju City area. Unfortunately, our circumstances worked out as such that we couldn’t drive on our own and we had to rely on a combination of taxis and buses in order to sight-see.

From the airport, we took the Airport #600 bus which stops curbside just outside the arrivals area; costs 3900Won (about $3.90) per person and takes 50 min to get to the Jungmun resort area, where the Suites Hotel is located. The bus stops right outside the hotel and is easy to get on on the way back to the airport too. As far as sightseeing goes – we hired a taxi driver through the hotel for 120,000Won ($120) who took us to the beginning of the Yeongsil trail (Mt Hallasan), Sangumburi Crater, Bijarim Forest, Seongsan Peak, Seopjikoji and Cheonjieyon Falls for a total of 8 hours.
Additionally, there are a number of museums around the hotel – Chocolate Museum, Ripley Believe it or Not, Bear museum etc., which I find a bit cheesy and did not visit.
As far as the hotel goes, it was much nicer than expected, not a huge resort, but well maintained and pretty. It must have been recently renovated (a few years back) as carpeting looked fairly new, so did some of the room furnishings.
This is the view from our balcony. Front desk were nice and polite, they let us check out an hour later than their standard check-out time of 12pm. I found the level of English spoken perfectly good; perhaps because I didn’t have complex requests or issues to solve.
My only gripe was the prices in the restaurant, (which turns out were completely in line with the rest of the restaurants in the area) – main courses would run around 30-40-50K Won ($30-40-50) and there were no apps for less than 10K Won. The cherry on top was the fresh squeezed juice for 9K Won ($9!!).
Breakfast was not included in our room rate and costed $18per person; I thought there was a good variety of hot and cold dishes and it was a good value for money.
Our room rate was about $110 per night, taxes included and I thought the hotel was a good value for money.


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