Vienna Airport – Austrian airlines business lounge

The Austrian Airlines business lounge at Vienna airport, located in the middle of ‘the Plaza’ shopping area, is open 5:30am – 11:30pm to all business travelers flying on a same-day Star Alliance flight, as well as Star Alliance frequent travelers with Gold, or Silver status. There is also a couple of dedicated lounges to Senator members only), which obviously offer more amenities (more food choices, showers, etc), but this one was closer to our gate and we chose it for convenience.

We were on one of the few final flights departing Vienna that day, so we pretty much had the lounge to ourselves.If it were daytime, the panoramic view of the runway and the planes, would have been nice. Of course, all we could see now was a black hole.The food area offered some sort of soup (tasted like watered-down can soup), peanuts, bread, spreads and some chips. Standard beverages were available too – alcoholic and non-alcoholic.The piercing green wall curtain at the entrance to the lounge is, however, a tad too strong of an accent for an establishment of this sort. I seriously wonder who came up with the idea for this color…

  1. Oh, believe me nothing to be missed in a lounge full of people! It is not really noisy, because it is one level up above the shopping plaza.

  2. Andrew John Smith said:

    It’s certainly a strange mix of designs. I can imagine it’s quite noisy as it’s in the middle of a shopping plaza? But I can imagine this lounge being really lively, so maybe you guys missed out because your flight was so late. I’m tempted to check this place out next time I’m travelling on business. I just need to check if my airport access allows me into this one. Will let you know how I get on!

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