Vienna: Eurostars Hotel Embassy

4 out of 5 stars (because of good value for money).

I needed a decently priced hotel in Vienna’s city center and hotel Eurostars fit the bill at just 80 dollars a night (through; breakfast not included in the rate.The hotel is located in the Landstrasse district, which is immediately east of Vienna’s Old town (Innere Stadt), but you do have to walk 20-30 minutes to get to most tourist attractions. There is the obvious option of using public transportation for a faster access, but I cannot share any details on that from personal experience.

If you’re driving, the good news is that the hotel is fairly easy to find, especially if you have GPS, the bad news is that the underground parking facility is impossibly tight. If you’re riding in anything bigger than an economy-sized car, you simply won’t be able to fit in. Cost was ok @ 16 euro per night.

The room that we got was on the snug side, basically not much space outside of the double bed + desk. We got a nice view of the walls of the nearby building. I guess that’s what 80 dollars can buy us in pricey Vienna.The room also has a walk in closet, and a fairly updated bathroom with a separate shower area.Service at the front desk was good. There is also free internet access, LAN only, cable provided in room. If you need wireless, I suggest you take a travel-sized router with you.

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  1. jenyss said:

    “the bad news is that the underground parking facility is impossibly tight” this is valid for most of the underground parkings in Vienna. You cannot imagine some of them really! I can ensure you that with some determination you could manage them all even with a combi car:) I always envy the new parkings in Sofia malls when I go shopping here.

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