Tokyo: Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

4 out of 5 stars

I picked this hotel based on its reviews on Tripadvisor and it didn’t disappoint. It is in Shinjuku, which is a super convenient location for exploring Tokyo and it is very easy to transfer to/from Narita Airport. The ‘Friendly Airport Limosine’ (3,000Y pp) stops right in front of the hotel, but be aware that it only does so several times a day. As an alternative, there is another bus from the same company that arrives/departs every 10-15 mins right in front of Shinjuku station. They would advise you to take a cab to get to the hotel, but it is literally two blocks away; we had absolutely no problem lugging two large suitcases and a handful of small ones + a baby and stroller and a car seat. If you need to know where the hotel is, just ask one of the baggage handlers to point you in the right direction. To reiterate: the above only applies to when you would take the Airport Limo to Shinjuku station instead of the hotel itself. It is very easy to take the bus from the airport as well; just go to the bus ticket counter next to the Information desk, get a ticket and bus stop is right outside.

The hotel is greatly positioned for sightseeing around Tokyo. Perhaps there are other, more convenient ways to get to some of our destinations, but we stuck with the JR (Japan Railways) Yamanote Line, which runs in a big circle and can take you to every famous district of Tokyo if you don’t mind 10-15 min walks from the stations. I recommend you get a prepaid 2000Y SUICA card which comes loaded with 1500Y worth of fares (a single ride on the Yamanote line costs 130-190Y) to avoid waiting in line for the automatic ticket machine each time you want to board a train. The 500Y deposit gets returned to you when you surrender the card.

As far as the hotel goes – the common areas are business-like, very clean cut and fairly new. The front desk service has been good for the little interaction we had with the staff there. The level of English spoken was absolutely adequate. I got the impression that late check-out (later than 11am) is pretty much not an option unless you pay a surcharge, same thing for early check-in (we came in about 1:30pm and they graciously let us in before the 2pm cutoff). They can stow your luggage for free in front of the front desk (check out the red rope area in the picture below) should you need to depart later than the stated checkout time.A few small great pluses were the availability of free internet, as well as laundry machines and dryers (that run on 100Y coins).

The only thing that I can state as a negative is the semblance of a room that we got. If it didn’t have a window, it could have easily been a closet. And I don’t mean Paris Hilton’s. As I mentioned above, we had a number of sizable luggage pieces and we literally had nowhere to move around once we managed to squeeze these in the room. The bathroom was tiny too; the whole ‘room’ was probably no more than 9sq m. I hear this is normal for Tokyo, and considering the price we paid ($140 per night), I still think the hotel was good value for money.

This picture has been taken with a wide-angle lens, which means that the room appears to be bigger than it was.I forgot to mention; everything was spotless clean. And then I must add… I would rather use a paper towel to dab myself with than the hotel towels. They were so thin, that they were almost transparent. I later found out, this was not unusual here.


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